Get the best loads, at the highest paying rates, and in your preferred lanes.

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Welcome to northeast dispatching services where we know just how valuable your truck or small fleet is to keeping our economy rolling

While other industries seek out service providers to help take the load off, we work hard for our clients who need a truck dispatching service that can pile it on.

In our business, a truck sitting idle is a lost opportunity. If your truck or fleet isn’t moving, it’s not pushing the economy forward and it’s not making money for you. When you partner with Northeast Dispatching Services, we’ll work 24/7 to keep you moving with high-paying loads that also match your preferences.

As an independent dispatcher, we’re constantly scouting load boards and other online marketplaces to find the best jobs. We negotiate directly with shippers and brokers on your behalf to get the best rates. And we take just 5 percent of gross, the most competitive rate in today’s market.

Some dispatch companies have only a singular focus, such as securing loads for reefer truckers. Top-notch truck dispatching is our business and we provide dispatch services for a broad range of
owner operators.


No matter what kind of truck you drive. No matter what kinds of loads you’re looking for. No matter the distance you’re willing to travel. We’ll keep you rolling


Trucking is a serious business, and when you’re carrying a load, your eyes, ears and your thoughts need to stay on the road. You can’t be doing administrative paperwork while driving and you shouldn’t be worrying about securing your next job while maneuvering through heavy traffic.
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When you sign on with Northeast Dispatching Services, you'll get a dedicated dispatcher that will keep you moving. While you're focusing on picking up and delivering one load, your dispatcher will be busy behind the scenes lining up the next. And the next. We'll book your loads and complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf so you can keep your eyes where they belong on the road and make your pickups and deliveries safely.

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Are you looking for local loads that have you back home every evening for dinner? Would you prefer limiting your loads to just your state or region? Or do you want to hit the open road and travel cross country for pickups and deliveries? Whatever type of truck you drive, our experienced dispatchers will line up the highest-paid loads available that also meet your preferred lanes.

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Transparent Pricing With No Forced Loads

It's simple. The more you earn, the more we earn too. So, we do our utmost to get you the kinds of loads you want to pick up and deliver at the best prices we can negotiate. We also understand that sometimes you simply can't or won't take a load and we respect your right to refuse. Whatever loads you take on, we charge our clients a 5 percent flat rate of gross, the most competitive rate in today's market. There are no hidden fees or ‘miscellaneous’ charges – 5% and that’s it.

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Questions will always arise. Problems on the road are always a possibility. No matter where you are, if you need to get hold of us or we to you, we're always here. We're also constantly handling communications with shippers and brokers so you never have to worry about missing an important call. We'll keep communications with you easy with simple texts and chats that get the word across without taking up too much of your valuable time. Most importantly, you'll get our support 24/7.

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Why Use Northeast Dispatching Services?

Whether you’re just getting started in the trucking industry or you’ve been around the block (or the entire country) for more than a few years, having an experienced, professional truck dispatching service like NDS in your back pocket is worth its weight in gold. You can and should use our dispatch services to create a steady and reliable revenue stream with fewer empty miles. Use us also to develop a strong customer base that will help you grow your business exponentially. And use us to take the pressure off so you can focus on what you do best–providing timely and safe deliveries. Plus, with our superior negotiating skills we can get you a higher rate per mile almost 100% of the time the service practically pays for itself…
You get the picture.


At Northeast Dispatching Services, we’ll pile it on as much as you want it. But we can only help you if you tell us what you want.

So help us out by filling out our convenient form to get in touch and let us know the minimum rate per mile you are willing to accept, the maximum weight you’re willing to accept and the maximum distance you’re willing to travel to get loaded. Know that we’ll always work to get you the maximum rate, but it’s best to let us know what the minimum is you’re willing to accept.

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